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Personalized Healing Ceremonies

Emily provides sacred ceremonies in a safe container and space to support your healing with guidance, reverence, and respect.


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"I had sat with entheogenic medicines prior to undergoing Kambo inoculation, but I wanted to go deeper into my future experiences.  I almost felt like I needed an internal "reset" in order to facilitate a deeper healing.  I knew Emily and was eager to sit with her and have her hold space for me during this vulnerable time. Emily made sure I was thoroughly prepared for the ceremonies, and we did 3 ceremonies in 6 days. Each ceremony became more profound as the medicine got deep into me.  I had such an incredible cleanse each time.


After the ceremony:  I felt sacred. I felt reborn.  I felt like I didn't want to put anything into my body that wasn't essential.  Emotionally, I felt alive and connected to the world around me in a way that felt profound.  I felt calmer on the inside, and my connections with others improved.


Thanks so much Emily!!  I feel honored to have sat with you."

John, Kambo Inoculation, 50
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