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I am a transformational anchor who moves through life with loving awareness. 

Hi, I'm Emily!

I come from a family of Russian immigrants that built their lives from the ground up. My experiences proved to provide some heavy soul lessons that have ultimately continued to lead me down the path of healing through self-love.


I am a Ceremonialist and Life Coach. I use different modalities to assist people on their healing journey in a practical way. My intention is to guide people back to the most authentic version of themselves and help them discover their unique blueprint; while supporting them in staying accountable to their vision.


My programs are designed to be malleable and fully customizable to each individual person based on where they are on their path. As a Ceremonialist, I infuse different sacred earth medicines to serve as the vehicle for unlocking dormant aspects of each soul.


My surroundings fueled my addiction, which only compounded as I got older.

As a young 13-year-old, my dream was affirmed when I got my first job assisting a high-performance chef in the heart of Hollywood, CA. 


I learned to make everything from scratch, spending after-school hours and summer vacations in the kitchen. I cultivated this craft and eventually at 18 years old, I studied at a Culinary Institute, while simultaneously working full-time in the restaurant industry. 

The high-paced lifestyle included a sustained drug addiction, fed by my environment, and a highly toxic relationship. At one point, I was kicked out of my house and truly had to fend for myself on the streets. Homeless, disoriented, and falling apart, I still managed to get myself back together to take responsibility for my life. Regardless of all the intensity, I worked my way up to be the head pastry chef at a five-star restaurant at 19 years old.

My drive was unmatched in comparison to everything; except my body.

What was seemingly a regular day at work, turned into a complete override of my system with my legs going completely numb. Hospitalized and confused, I was shaken to my core. This was the turning point in my story, and I was no longer able to work in the restaurant industry due to my sudden injury.

In this next season, I was introduced to the world of cannabis cultivation and I took on every role I could get in stride. This was my first relationship with plant medicine and I learned all the intricacies of the process with the scientific foundation that shifted my perspective. I moved through the cannabis industry like a rocket, working every job possible and understanding the mechanism behind the machine in great detail. 

I was at the forefront of the transition that cannabis underwent from the underground to legal markets. My tenacity led me to build one of California’s top 5 cannabis brands.


As I traversed through the world of plant medicine, I journeyed with Psilocybin, Ayahuasca, Kambo, and
5 MeO-DMT.

Each experience offered new insight that helped unlock a deeper knowledge of how I was actually more in the driver’s seat of my life than I had realized. As the layers of trauma started to reveal themselves, the more I paid attention and the more clarity I gained. The most important piece to the entire process has been my taking the time to integrate my experiences and show up to do the work based on the lessons I was shown. 

I was going through a massive transformation within my being that was largely facilitated by my willingness to surrender to the medicine I was naturally gravitating towards. I allowed myself to truly go inward to examine and process my traumas to get to the root and facing them with an open heart. The unfolding resulted in my freedom from addiction, weight loss through integrating my experiences and reprogramming my mind.

I am passionate about not only how plant medicine helps process trauma, but most importantly how to integrate these lessons and change behaviors in our daily lives to become the best versions of ourselves. What started as a self-healing journey has evolved into a mission of service to take what I embody and share the gift of loving presence with my community. I love to support those I work with in staying accountable to their goals and helping them recognize the power in their unique signature.

After volunteering in the legal Entheogenic Church community for several years while diving into my own healing,

I took the next step and officially became a certified Kambo practitioner in 2022.

Some of my most profound healing was facilitated by the Rainforest Healing Center where I underwent an intensive program that required my inner warrior to rise from its slumber and come into my role of service. 

During the seven-day immersive initial, I worked directly with teachers who follow the ancestral teachings of the Matsés tribe with sacred reverence and rigorous safety protocols. Out of the eight participants, I was one of four who completed my certification. 


I am inspired by our ability to transform when we show up to do the work and I want to help those who are willing to step up to their own healing.

Earth medicine is just the spark but it is up to the individual to choose to light the fire and burn through the layers that keep them in perpetual suffering.




Sacred ceremonies in a safe container and space to support your healing with guidance, reverence, and respect.



Guidance, support, and accountability while you navigate your healing + motivation and inspiration to keep doing the work.

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