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your very own intentional JAcket 

Unleash your creativity and manifest your dreams with a Custom Intentional Jacket Ceremony. Each jacket is handmade and infused with powerful energy to help you step into your power and embrace your highest potential. From personalized designs to sacred materials, our jackets are a symbol of your inner strength and resilience. Let our jacket be your portal to a world of limitless possibilities.


I believe that creating with intention is a sacred practice that can transform our lives and connect us with our higher selves. For me, creativity has been a powerful tool for integration and healing, and the intentional jackets I make are a way to share that magic with others.

The process...

  • Fill out the application using the link below and we'll set up a call to discuss the details.

  • Then, we'll embark on a wondrous intentional ceremony, where we'll delve into the magic and energy you want to infuse into your jacket.

  • As we create your jacket, every stitch will be infused with intention and enchantment, as we draw upon the energy and purpose you've brought into the process.

  • Emily will then hold a Higher Self Activation Ritual to seal the magic and intentions

It's a co-creative journey, where your higher self guides my hands to create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that reflects your unique magic and purpose.

With your personalized intentional jacket, you'll have a daily reminder of your inner power and the magic you carry within, a talisman that activates your higher self and inspires you to manifest your dreams into reality.

Activate Your Higher Self and 
Bring Magic to Life

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