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• Ceremonialist • Life Coach •


Earth Medicine can be the catalyst for profound healing and lasting change.

Let me be your guide.

My Mission

is to raise the collective consciousness through supporting and guiding individuals to become their own healers, utilizing earth medicines and natural healing modalities as their tools. 


Hi, I'm Emily

I am a Ceremonialist and Life Coach.

I use different modalities to assist people on their healing journey in a practical way. My intention is to guide people back to the most authentic version of themselves and help them discover their unique blueprint; while supporting them in staying accountable to their vision.



Sacred ceremonies in a safe container and space to support your healing with guidance, reverence,

and respect.



Guidance, support, and accountability while you navigate your healing + motivation and inspiration to keep doing the work.

"My first ceremony with Emily was like nothing I had ever experienced in my life. I was extremely nervous. And to be honest, it was really rough. I think that all my years of not expressing my feelings, or not expressing them in a healthy way, were made very clear during my experience.

A big part of what helped me stay grounded was Emily. When it would become too much,I'd look up at her. I was in awe of how gracefully and peacefully she held space. Like a full moon on a dark night. I was stuck in darkness and she was the light that would bring me back. There aren't words that can express how grateful I am to have shared that moment with her and the women that surrounded me. Should you choose to share such an experience with her, I can promise you safe travels and a safe return just as Abeona and Adiona did for their children."

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