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Accountability Coach

Personalized Integration Programs

Guidance, support, and accountability while you navigate your healing + motivation and inspiration to keep doing the work.

Master Class

The Master Class is a four-week intensive spiritual accountability program tailored to your specific goals.

Emily curates a detailed plan based on what you are looking to heal within yourself and works on a deep level to help you stay accountable throughout the process. Each week, there is a coaching phone call built-in where Emily guides you to understand how you operate and offers her expertise in course correction for the ultimate transformative boot camp. In addition, you have access to texting support five days a week for six hours each day to truly stay in that intimate container.

Spiritual Grounding

Spiritual Emergency Hotline

Think of this as a hotline you call for spirit emergencies! For those times when you are spinning out and need some soul council; Emily helps guide you back to your center.

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