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A Kuripe is a traditional sacred tool used by indigenous people of the Amazon Basin for administering sacred plant medicines such as Rapé (pronounced hapeh). It consists of a T-shaped blowpipe, which is used to administer the medicine into the nostrils.


This particular Kuripe is made of Palo Sangre wood, which is known for its calming and grounding properties. The wood is also believed to help protect against negative energies and promote emotional stability.


The Ayahuasca pendant on the Kuripe represents the sacred plant medicine and its spiritual significance. Ayahuasca is a powerful plant medicine that is traditionally used for healing, self-discovery, and spiritual growth. The pendant serves as a reminder of the sacredness of the medicine and its role in facilitating personal transformation.


The Quartz Crystal on the Kuripe is a versatile and powerful stone that is believed to have healing properties on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. It is often used to amplify energy and intention and is said to facilitate deep inner work, spiritual growth, and clarity of mind.


Together, the Palo Sangre wood and Quartz Crystal make a potent combination for those seeking emotional and spiritual healing and personal transformation. This Kuripe can help facilitate deep inner work, self-reflection, and emotional healing, making it a valuable addition to any spiritual practice.

Kuripe made of Palo Sangre wood with Ayahuasca pendant and Quartz Crystal

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